Programming Languages

Just as there are many human languages, so there are many computer languages. In the early days, people programmed using the computer’s binary code, or what we call “machine language”. When this became difficult, mnemonics were used to make life easier. This is called “assembly language” programming. Finnally, there are the “high-level” languages like BASIC, FORTRAN and ALGOL. These are much more similar to everyday language, and are translated directly or indirectly into the computer’s machine code using the computer’s firmware.

BASIC is the language most often used to introduce programming.



In the early days= no princípio, no início

Mnemonics= arte de desenvolver a memória mediante processos auxiliares como a associação; mnemônica

To make easier= tornar mais fácil

High-level= alto nível

BASIC= Beginners All-puspose Symbolic Instruction Code

FORTRAN= FORmula TRANslation

ALGOL= ALGOrithmic Language

Firmware= “software” armazenado em ROM em vez de disco