Assembly Languages

Assembly language is a programming language that talks fairly directly to the computer. Unlike machine language, which is what the computer understands, assembly language is mnemonic, so that it can be understood and remembered more easily by a human being; in fact, assembly language is really just machine language in mnemonic form.

Assembly languages are specific to a given CPU chip and are named after it (e.g., 8080 assembly language, 6809 assembly language etc.). They are harder to program than a high-level language, but they produce programs that are more efficient and run faster.



Fairly= quase

Unlike= ao contrário de, diferente de

Just= apenas, justamente

CPU= Central Processing Unit = Unidade Central de Processamento

Are named= recebem o nome

After it= de acordo com ele (chip)

Harder= mais trabalhosas

Run faster= rodam mais rápido