Classroom phrases

Frases para sala de aula

Professor, que tal fazer um cartaz grande e colar na sala de aula para que seus alunos sempre se comuniquem em inglês?


                          Sentences for class

Add more words.
Are the statements right or wrong?
Ask questions.
Can I go to the toilet?
Can I help?
Can I open the window, please?
Can I say it in (German ...)?
Check your answers.
Choose two questions.
Collect information about...
Colour the picture.
Compare your words with your partner.
Complete the sentences with words from the text.
Complete the text.
Copy the chart.
Copy the table into your folder.
Correct the mistakes.
Correct the wrong sentences.
Divide the text into five parts.
Do you agree with ...
Draw a room.
Fill in the right words.
Find a partner.
Find arguments.
Find the questions to the answers.
Finish the story.
Give good reasons for your opinions.
How might the story go on?
Listen to the CD.
Look at the pictures.
Make notes.
Make sentences.
Make up more conversations with a partner.
Match the sentence parts.
Match the sentences to the questions.
Move your counter.
Open your textbook at page 25. (workbook, folder, diary)
Put in the right verbs.
Put the sentences in the right order.
Put the verbs in the right groups.
Read out loud.
Sorry, I haven't got my homework.
Swap your folder with your partner.
Talk about pets.
Talk to your partner.
Tell your form.
Throw the dice.
Use ...
What is the story about?
What lines from the text go with the pictures?
What's this in English?
Write a story.
Write about Peter.
Write the sentences in the right order.