Conversation Guide

Guia de conversação



Expressing approval


-That's fine! -That's nice!

-Well done! - Perfect!

-It looks / sounds pretty good!

-I approve of (them / you ...)

-What a success!

-I'm all for it!

-You couldn't have done better!

-Good! Excellent! Right!



Expressing disapproval


-You shouldn't do that.

-You shouldn't have said so.

-It's not very nice.

-You can't do that!
-Must you do that?
-Do you have to do that?
-You wouldn't do that, would you?
-I disapprove / I don't approve (of people / them ...)
-It's wrong / not right to do that / to say so / ...

- It's an absolute disgrace!
-Was it necessary for you to do that?

-I don't like what you do / have done / your friends ...



Inquiring about approval




-Is it all right?

-Do you think this is all right?

-Do you approve of this?

-Do you approve of them doing that?



Expressing pleasure, liking


-This is very nice / pleasant.

-I like (very much) your dog / swimming ...

-I love...x... / playing the piano ...
-It's a very good (play / film  ...)

-I'm fond of (music / walking ...)

-I'm keen on (going abroad / the ideas  ...)

-He's crazy about (football / music  ...)




Expressing displeasure, dislike


-This not very nice / pleasant.

-I don't like (very much / at all) (that / getting early / them ..)

-I hate (him / big cars / swimming  ...)

-What a horrible (smell / taste  ...)

-I'm not very fond of gardening / rock music ...)

-I'm not very / really keen on (riding / dogs ...)

-I can't stand (him / getting up early

I can't bear (doing housework )



Expressing preference


-I ou I'd prefer (a cup of  ... / sleeping / to go to  ...)

-I'd rather (read that book / go alone  ...)

-I'd rather not (stay / walk / wait  ...)

-I'd sooner (do / not do ...)

I like ( bananas ...)



Inquiring about preference


-Which do you prefer?

-Would you prefer (walking ...)?

-Would you rather (go to the cinema...) rather than (walking / stay at home ...)?



Expressing indifference


-I don't mind / I don't care.

-It doesn't matter.

-Who cares?

-It's got nothing to do with me.

-It's none of my business.
It's no concern of mine.

-I have no preference.





-I'm sorry to insist but ....

-I insist on (going over there / having a nap ...)

-It's absolutely essential (you look at me ...)

-It must be said that ...

-What matters is to keep the receipt / to answer immediately




Expressing surprise


-This is a surprise!

-What a surprise!

-It's surprising!

-It's incredible!

-It's impossible!

-How very... (strange / surprising ...)

-Isn't it / wasn't it (extraordinary...)?

-It can't be true! / I can't believe it!

-Well; I never!

-How amazing!



Expressing regret , disappointment


-That's a (great) pity / shame!

-It's a pity / shame (it happened today / he couldn't do it...)

-I'm very sorry (to have upset you ...)

-I wish (you hadn't left so quickly / I'd stayed a little longer)

-How I regret ( buying that bicycle ...)

-I'm / I was very disappointed.

-It is / it was a real blow.

-It is / it was a great disappointment.

-I had hoped (she'd come ... )



Expressing fear or worry


-I'm afraid of cats.

-I'm worried about Laurent / the money ...

-I was (absolutely) terrified / (so) scared / terribly frightened.

-The worrying / frightening thing is (he can't walk ...)

-I was shaking with fear.